The Annual Conference of Cultural Economics: Immigration Matters & Human Resources management Venue: LMH: Oxford University, Oxford, UK June 5th, 2014
CFCE:    The Canadian Forum of Cultural Economics
Immigration Matters & Human Resources Management

The CFCE is a new forum @ ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada. It aims to provide research and policy analysis in the field of cultural & social economics. It focuses mainly on immigration matters and human resources management on both the macro-level and the micro-levels. It also focuses on research work in globalization and global movement trends and managements. The forum also aims to provide consultations in this field.

The CFCE held its annual conference of cultural economics: immigration matter & human resources management in Oxford University: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK on June 5th, 2014. The aim of the conference was to compile original intellectual research works/ ideas in this area of study and discuss them in an annual symposium. More

The CFCE will hold its second annual conference on the first day of the ECO-ENA, Inc.'s 5th Annual Conference of Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship & International Business that will take place in Harvard University; the Joseph B. Martin Center on January 29th & January 30th, 2015. More

The intellectual material we collect and discuss is published in the forum's e-proceedings: ISBN: 978-0-9869581-6-8 Library & Archive Canada to preserve it for generations ahead.


The Forum Research Board: (Alphabetically)

Dr. Ghada G. Mohamed; ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada (The Forum Founder & Executive Director)

Dr. Mohga Bassim, University of Buckingham, United Kingdom

Dr. Morrison H. Schachler; Teesside University, United Kingdom and Vice President of Research & Policy Analysis, ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada

Dr. Murshed Chowdhry; King's University College at Western University, Canada


THE CFCE Second Annual Conference of Cultural Economics: Immigration Matters & Human Resources Management will take place in Harvard University: The Joseph B. Martin Center, United States of America on January 29th, 2015



The Canadian Forum of Cultural Economics: Immigration & Human Resources Matters @ ECO-ENA, Inc.
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Date of the conference: Thursday, January 29th, 2014

Venue: Harvard University: Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Medical Center Area, Boston, MA 02115, United States

Organizer & Sponsor: ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada

Who Should participate? Professors, research students, freelance researchers  & analysts, and practitioners. 

Fees: (Non-refundable): $ 490 (American dollars) for a participant with a paper/ an article.  $ 90 (American dollars) for an attendee.

Fees include taxes, coffee breaks,  and refreshments.

Only complete papers/ articles in any related area to cultural economics, social economics, human resources economics & management and immigration matters are accepted for submission. However we accept submitting abstracts for panel discussions.

Submit your paper/ article/ abstract to

 For enquiries contact  or 

All accepted papers/ articles for presentation at the conference will have an equal opportunity to be published in the conference e-proceeding; ISBN: 978-0-9869581-6-8 Library & Archive Canada after discussions in the conference.


    Venue: Harvard University: Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, Medical Center Area, Boston, MA 02115, United States

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