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Service Payment Form:

Please note that the form and the payment methods are separated so you may go directly for payment if you have already applied to any of our events. 

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Please note that we don't issue checks/ or take checks to/ from anyone.

Please note as well that the organizer of all our conferences is Dr. Ghada Mohamed; president of ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada. 

We accept only the following ways of payments - All payments are not-refundable:

Click on the selected payment button below. Then write the required amount. Then press "Enter". Then proceed for payment. "You may consult this link for the daily conversion rate to calculate for the required conference fee in GBP: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/    


You may pay the required conference fee in CAD "Canadian dollar". 


You may pay the required conference fee in USD "US dollar ". 


You may pay the required conference fee in GBP "British Pound ". 


You may pay the required conference fee in EUR "Euro ". 



Interac e-Transfer: "Email Money": If you live in Canada or in USA only

E-transfer to email address: gmohamed@eco-ena.ca 


For banking wire transfer you may use the information below: (Only Canadian dollars are accepted - Please view your banking daily conversion rate for currency conversion):

Transit (branch) #: 33146
Institution #: 004
Account #: 6590339

Bank Name: TD Bank

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reason of payment: Conference fee 

Conference organizer: Ghada Mohamed 

"You may as well contact gmohamed@eco-ena.ca for more details" 


"Please note that the wire transfer method takes a relatively long time so it's not recommended in many cases. You may use Western Union instead. "


Via Western Union:

Contact gmohamed@eco-ena.ca or information@eco-ena.ca for more detail. 


Conferences intellectually sponsored by ECO-ENA: Economics & ECO-Engineering Associate, Inc., 

1416 Squire Drive, Manotick   

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada    K4M 1B8K   

information@eco-ena.ca                                                       www.eco-ena.ca