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The Intellectual Symposium of Islamic Financial Economics in Oxford  - ISBN: 978-1-988081-02-1


Type of Symposium: An intellectual meeting


The Intellectual Symposium of Islamic Financial Economics was held in Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom on January 30th, 2017 

Organizer: Forum of Islamic Economics & Islamic Finance @ ECO-ENA, Inc.®, Canada



Dear Conference Delegates: Thanks for making the conference successful :)








- Rodney Wilson, Malaysia - Over Skype


- Mohammad Ashrfaul Mobin, Malaysia - Over Skype 



- Zainab Ahsan, Malaysia - Over Skype



- Trisiladi Supriyanto, Indonesia


- Noor Raihan Ab Hamid, Malaysia


- Morrison Handley-Schachler, UK


- Ghada Mohamed, Canada


Symposium Program
January 30th, 2017

Venue: Lady Margaret Hall: Talbot Seminar 1:  Mary O'Brien Room, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Islamic Economics & Finance, Financial Economics and Economic Analysis

8:30 am  - 9:00 am Registration & Refreshments
Program: From 9:00 a.m to 4:00/ 5:00 p.m

Duration/ Presentation: 40 Minutes
1:00 - 2:00 pm
(Lunch Break - All delegates are invited)
3:30  The Second Coffee Break - Refreshments

- Ghada G. Mohamed, York University, Canada
Conference Chair - Opening

 Paper (3-1)
- Rodney Wilson, INCEIF, Malaysia

Keynote Speaker - Over Skype
Keynote Speech: Research in Islamic Finance

 Paper (3-2)
 - Mohammad Ashrfaul Mobin, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
“Finance, Growth and Human Development: An Islamic Economic Development Perspective”
Joined with Md. Akther Uddin, Mansur Masih and Syed Othman Alhabshi

 Paper (3-3)
 - Trisiladi Supriyanto, Ibnu Khaldun University, Indonesia
“Rate of Profit as a Price Benchmark in Islamic Banking to Create Financial Stability”

 Paper (3-4)
- Zainab Ahsan, INCEIF & Finocracy, Malaysia
“Exploring Zakah and Awqaf as Tools of Community Development: Synergies and Convergence with FinTech Possibilities”

 Paper (3-5)
 - Noor Raihan Ab Hamid, UNITAR International University, Malaysia
“Factors Influences Service Quality in Halal Restaurants”
Joined with Muhamad Zamri Idris, Munira Saaidin, and Muhamad Naim Kamari

Paper (3-6)
- Rania Abdelrazek; Arab Administrative Development Organization, Egypt
   “The Impact of Terrorism on the Economic Growth of USA and its Reflections on Egypt: Econometric Model”  

 Followed by a Panel Discussion on the Confusing Link Between Islamic Finance and Terrorism

Paper (3-7)

Morrison Handley-Schachler, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
"Finance, Ethics, and Christianity"

Paper (3-8)

Ghada G. Mohamed, York University, Canada
"Islamic Finance in Canada - Contributions of our Conferences"


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Venue: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, Oxford, UK  OX2 6QA


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