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Ottawa Conference 2020
Forum of Microfinance, Growth and Sustainable Development 


@ ECO-ENA: Economics & ECO-Engineering Associate, Inc.®, Canada



The Second Scientific Conference of Microfinance and Sustainable Development in Ottawa


ISBN: 978-1-988081-11-3: E-proceeding: Library & Archive Canada 

The First Scientific Conference of Microfinance & Sustainable Development in Ottawa >>>


Venue:  90 University, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Date: July 7th, 2020


Type of Conference: Intellectual Symposium in a Meeting Room


The Conference is organized by:

ECO-ENA: Economics & ECO-Engineering Associate, Inc.®, Canada





Call for Papers

Scholars, freelance researchers and PhD candidates are invited to submit their abstracts/ manuscripts to be considered for presentation at the second scientific conference of micro-finance & sustainable development in Ottawa that will be held in 90 University; University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada on July 7th, 2020 no later than May 30th, 2020 for evaluation.




Submit your manuscript to research_forum@eco-ena.ca

For more information contact information@eco-ena.ca or ghadagomaamohamed@gmail.com  


Areas would be considered for presentations include all relevant areas in Economics & Business



Abstracts/ Manuscripts Submission:        May 30th, 2020 (New)

Presentation Fees Payment:  June 10th, 2020 (New)

Attendees Payment: June 29th, 2020 (New)

The final conference program will be posted on June 30th, 2020


Because of the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we will have to hold the conference on-line. All fees are 50% discounted.  New


Conference Not-Refundable-Fees 

Pay only 50% for your virtual presentation - New

Presentation Fee:  "International Presenter"

Presentation Fee:  "Canadian Resident"

USD 640

CAD 640

Presentation Fee: (Research Student) - "International Presenter"

Presentation Fee:  (Research Student) - "Canadian Resident"

USD 540

CAD 540

Fees are not refundable. Please view the conference policy before finalizing registration.

Pay only 50% for your virtual presentation - New

Proceed for payment   >>>


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Venue: University of Ottawa: 90 University, Lounge # 152 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 1H3


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Our Conferences’ main policies


  • Please note that getting a visa for international delegates is only the responsibility of the international delegate. ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada provides only acceptance letters upon finalizing registration and conference (non-refundable) fees payment by the delegate. 
  • If you are a participant to the conference please don’t proceed for payment unless you receive an acceptance email from the conference chair because all fees are non-refundable according to our financial policy.
  • Please note that ECO-ENA, Inc. International Conferences are small scientific conferences. We aim to compile intellectual material for discussions and publications.
  • Postgraduate students can also find a chance in our conferences to revise their papers by listening to comments of other scholars from different Universities and different countries. 
  • Please note that according to our new attendance policy after January 15th, 2014 we accept registrations of attendees from the host country of the conference only (Or from countries that don't require that complicated traveling documents to attend the conference) while we accept participation with original intellectual work from anywhere in the world.
  • In order for the accepted paper/ article to be included in the conference final proceeding at least one author is expected to attend the conference and to present his/ her paper after finalizing registration. All comments by discussants should be considered for the final publication at the conference e-proceeding. 


New - Considered after October 1st, 2016     

Best 3- papers of any of our international conferences would be considered for publication at our scientific peer reviewed journals after they go for another peer revision. 


The Journal of International Business & Economic Affairs: ISSN 1916-8748 (Online), Library & Archive Canada.              

The Scientific Journal of Agricultural Economics: ISSN 1923-6522  (Online), Library & Archive Canada

The Canadian Journal of Islamic Economics & Islamic Finance: ISSN 2292-0579  (On-line): Library & Archive Canada 


Criteria of Selection: 

For complete manuscripts submissions:

1. The manuscript must be original.

2. The manuscript must completely avoid all types of plagiarism according to the APA regulations. 

3. All references must be written according to the APA citations. 

4. The manuscript must follow all scientific regulations of a scientific research paper according to the APA style. 


For Abstracts Submissions:

1. Only abstracts submissions would be considered for Panel Discussion Sessions.

2. The abstract must follow the APA style of writing an abstract of a research paper/ an article. 

3. The topic and the title must be relevant to the conference themes. 


Integrity and Ethical Codes

- Only the chairs of the conference accept/ decline submissions according to the criteria of selections mentioned above. 

- After finalizing registration and paying the required conference fee; accepted submissions would be included in the final program of the conference.

- This conference is about intellectual meetings that include scholars in the same/ in relevant field (s), freelance researchers and practitioners. The participant must present before a few of those scholars/ researchers. Comments would be received during the conference would help in improving the submitted work. All accepted manuscripts would be equally considered for publication in the conference e-proceeding. The best three manuscripts would be considered for publication at ECO-ENA's peer reviewed journals after they go for another peer review process. 

- A complete report after the end of the conference would be posted on the conference website with complete transparency. 

- Because our fees are not refundable so payment would be only accepted by the conference organizer after acceptance of submitted papers/ articles/ abstracts.

- The personal organizer of this conference is Dr. Ghada G. Mohamed; president of ECO-ENA: Economics & ECO-Engineering Associate, Inc., Canada

- This is an international conference so international scholars/ researchers/ practitioners are welcomed to apply from anywhere in the world. 

- Our work as the organizer of this conference is completely transparent and available to all applicants to view. 

- After finalizing registration; the organizer sends both the acceptance letter and the receipt of payment with complete information signed by the president of ECO-ENA, Inc., Canada to the conference delegate within three business days from the time of payment. 

- The organizer of the conference abides by the ethical codes of contacts. We depend on sending/ receiving messages and attaching files by emails as a record of all our contacts with all delegates.



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