Food Waste Reduction Initiative
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Food Waste Reduction Initiative 

Agricultural Economics & Sustainable Development 

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Be a Part of our Food Waste Reduction Initiative.


Help to reduce poverty.


Help to protect our environment.


Help to save our globe.



Researchers draw ideas.

Others can make those ideas applicable. 

We aim to compile 1000 original interdisciplinary research works on food waste reduction to publish them in an intellectual encyclopedia of food waste reduction worldwide. 


We only accept original research work with zero plagiarism tolerance. It must not be published anywhere else. It must follow the APA Style guidelines on formatting a research paper. Your research work will go through a peer-review process to be finally accepted and published. We accept submissions via registration to our annual conference of the economic forum of Entrepreneurship & international business.


Send us your original research work on food waste reduction




© ECO-ENA: Economics & ECO-Engineering Associate, Inc.®, Canada

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